TooT is a ceramic mouthpiece that will turn your iPhone into the ultimate wind instrument. TooT works with the Songbird app, or any other blowing/wind instrument on the iPhone 5 or 6. It makes your iPhone feel like a real ocarina.

Your lips help to balance and support the iPhone. Stop worrying about trying to aim your breath at the microphone, just relax and play.

TooT comes with a velvet pouch.

Songbird is the free app that turns your iPhone 4 into a 3 octave ocarina, along with many other wind instruments available from all over the world. A world of music at your fingertips! It uses basically the same fingering as the 4, 5, and 6 hole ocarinas, with a few extras. It uses recordings of actual instruments, not synthesizers, to give a realistic experience, with particular attention given to sound quality, breath response, and realistic performance and ambiance.


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