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Videogame Songbook: Vol. 1 for 6 Hole Ocarina (PDF)

Works with all 6 hole ocarinas-- all seedpods, teardrops, The Shield, Majora's Mask, sweet potatoes, Baby Dragon Tooth, spearheads, scarabs and fairies. This songbook features over thirty songs from some of your favorite video games, including:


Animal Crossing - Go K.K. Rider
Animal Crossing: City Folk - 1PM Theme
Chrono Cross - Scars of time Intro
Donkey Kong Country - Main Theme
Earthbound - Eight Melodies
Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind Theme
Final Fantasy VI - Cosmo Canyon
Final Fantasy Series - Chocobo Theme
Goldeneye 007 - James Bond Theme
Halo - Opening Theme
Kirby's Dream Land - Green Green's
Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved
Lunar: Silver Story - Luna's Song
Metal Gear Solid - Main Theme
Megaman II - Protoman's Whistle
Metroid Prime - Main Menu Theme
Metroid - Brinstar
Pikmin - Ai No Uta
Pokemon 2000 - Lugia's Theme
Pokemon - Pokemon Center
Portal - Still Alive
Punch Out - Battle Theme
Secret Of Mana - I Won't Forget
Sonic The Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone
Super Mario Bros 3 - Warp Flute
Super Mario World - Overworld Theme
Super Mario Bros. - Main Theme
Starfox Series - Main Theme
Street Fighter II - Ken's Theme
Tetris - Theme A
World Of Warcraft - Human Tavern
Yoshi Story - Yoshi Theme
Zelda Series - Main Theme
Available here as a PDF download.

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