The Ocarina of Time 7 Hole in Alto C

  • Compact 7-hole
  • Zelda Blue glaze
  • The Ring of Platinum
  • Free Treasure Chest  
  • Legend of Zelda 7 Hole Songbook included

  • The only thing better than listening to your favorite Zelda songs is having the actual Ocarina of Time to play them on.

    Brought back from the fields of Hyrule, The Ocarina of Time: Hyrule Edition is the only ceramic ocarina in the world that looks and sounds exactly like the original, with a ring of genuine Platinum, and a most accurate TriForce.

    This ocarina features the same note range as a 12 hole ocarina thanks to its special 7 hole fingering system, and the best part is that your playing technique will transfer easily to other Songbird Ocarinas since this system is just an extended version of the well known English 6 hole pendant system.

    Expertly tuned to the key of C, superbly crafted to the highest visual and musical standards, and accompanied by a Zelda songbook with easy to follow tablature, this ocarina is your first-class ticket to a journey in time with the Zelda songs you know and love.

    With the ability to guide you safely through the woods, turn night into day, and even transport you through time itself, this ocarina is a Zelda fan's dream brought to life.

    Songs in the songbook include:

    Ocarina of Time Intro
    Sun's Song
    Kokiri Forest
    Saria's Song
    Termina Field
    Minuet of Forest
    Serenade of Water
    Bolero of Fire
    Song of Healing
    Song of Time
    Zelda's Lullaby
    The Market Song
    Kakariko Village
    Deku Palace
    Epona's Song (Lon Lon Ranch)
    Koume and Kotaki
    The Great Fairy Song
    Forest Haven from Wind Waker
    Lakeside Laboratory
    Music Box House
    Dragon Roost Island
    Pirate's Cove
    Evan's Room
    Sad Spirits from Twilight Princess
    Kaepora's Song
    Bremen Mask March
    Crimea's Wagon
    Shop Song
    Sonata of Awakening
    Prelude of Light
    Elegy of Emptiness
    Requiem of Spirit
    Ballad of Gales
    Gerudo Valley 
    Song of Storms

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