Little Wing in Violet Flame

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- Handcrafted instrument inspired from a design created by Sina Geiß.

-  Includes Pouch

 Let your music making take flight with our Little Wing.

This ceramic ocarina is easy to learn to play for beginners, but is also sophisticated and proper sounding for a seasoned professional. 

The holes are opened in a linear fashion consecutively from right to left.    These scales are well-suited for improvisation, for playing your "heart song", like a love song from your soul.  Because there is less thought required, more focus can be brought to the primary function of breath, feeling, connection, and spontaneity.  

For a little spice, to achieve other notes outside the five note scale, it is possible by "crossfingering", or closing a hole to the right of the still closed holes, a "drop note".   Using this technique, you can achieve many more notes on a Minor Pentatonic ocarina.


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