Majora's Mask Ocarina - Legend of Zelda

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- 6 hole ocarina Inspired from the Legend of Zelda

- Out of Orbit Sound

- Songbook/Tutorial included


Legend has it, this Mask Ocarina was used by an ancient tribe during hexing rituals. Trouble caused by the mask were so great, the ancient ones sealed it in shadow forever. It was later recovered by The Happy Songbird Salesman, a mysterious collector and seller of ocarinas who went to great troubles unearthing this for you.

 But once you play it, it will hold a magic spell on you with it’s amazing tone that spans over an octave. You won’t have to move moons and planets to get one either. Your Songbird Salesman will be happy to send it promptly right to your door. You won’t regret it.

And at a price of $24.95, it’s a steal!

The Key of G is known to convey the feeling of gratitude, and every gentle and peaceful emotion of the heart.


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