Winter Turtle

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BeatBox Turtle is a very friendly ocarina!  Tuned in the Minor Pentatonic tuning, all of the finger combinations produce notes in this scale, so there are no dissonant notes possible no matter which holes you cover.  So you can blow to your heart's content, and know that it will sound good no matter what!

BeatBox Turtle is made to project all of your breath, even if you blow hard or soft.  So beatboxers will appreciate how Turtle will not "choke" even while you are pumping out those kicks or bass drum notes with your breath.

BeatBox Turtle is tuned in Bflat, in the Alto range, with a note range of 1 octave.  There are 4 finger holes and 1 thumb hole.  Each turtle is unique, with gemstone inlay, and a beaded necklaces.  Wearing it is surprisingly comfortable, as the flat back rests comfortably against the chest. 

BeatBox Turtle is a truly magical piece that can gather attention in a very positive way.  It is easy for non-musicians to sound melodic right from the start.  It can express great feeling with dynamic range of volume.

Remember, the turtle may take his time, but he does win the race in the end!   

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