Little Wing Ocarina 5 hole pendant

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- Handcrafted instrument inspired from a design created by Sina Geiß.

- Available in Minor Pentatonic keys ranging from C-Eb, or Chromatic scale Key of D with songbook/tutorial

-  Includes Pouch


Let your music making take flight with our Little Wing.

This ceramic ocarina is tuned in a Minor Pentatonic tuning, so every combination of finger positions sounds beautiful, like the notes of a Native American Flute. This makes the instrument very easy to play, since there are no "wrong notes".   

Also available in the Chromatic scale, so you can play your favourite songs. This option includes songbook for pendant ocarinas volume 1, and the Songbird Ocarina songbook/fingering tutorial.  

This is a quiet and softly blown ocarina, with a rich and delicate sonorous quality.

Note: the color and finish of the ocarina in the Native American tuning may vary from the image of the product that is displayed.



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