Double Dodecahedron

This double ocarina has the 2 chambers tuned in unison, and plays an octave in the minor pentatonic scale.

The sound is quite unique, with the option to play in unison between the two chambers, or to play harmonies.  The unison effect is similar to 12 string guitar, adding a richness to the tone.  Because of the separation of the two chambers, the acoustic effect on the player is enchanting.


Pentatonic vs. Chromatic

The minor pentatonic tuning is such a beautiful scale, and provides this tradeoff:  with the double pentatonic, every combination is harmonious (you can produce an interval of a second, which is harmonious once you make friends with it).   What you lose in comparison with a chromatic ocarina is that you do not have every note of the scale, so you are limited in what you can play.  If you want to play specific songs, video game tunes, classical pieces, or most traditional folk songs from around the world, you will want a chromatic ocarina, which is capable of more complex tunes, but also requires more practice to sound beautiful.   That being said, even if you are an expert player of chromatic ocarinas, you will still enjoy playing and exploring music with the pentatonic style ocarinas.

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