Spirit Whistle (Two Chambers)


Explore the power of sound

The Spirit Whistle is not technically an ocarina, but rather an innovative beat whistle.  The harmonies you create are profoundly stimulating, and feels like having your brain massaged.  All of this from a ceramic double-chamber whistle.  The Spirit Whistle cuts through the humdrum of everyday life, giving you a tool to explore realms of sound once the province of mystics and magii.   

The instrument uses two elongated holes for sliding through the frequency range.   This range is limited to the bandwidth of beat frequencies such that the individual notes are always close enough in frequency and the difference between each is low enough to create a “beat frequency," through which the most profound sonoric effect can be felt.

Take music beyond entertainment

Based on an ancient Amazonian design, developed by the Incas of pre-Columbian Peru, the Spirit Whistle harnesses the power of beat phenomena, sympathetic vibration, harmonics, and overtones.  Some reported benefits include: mental clarity, a boost in meditation, blissful sensations in the brain, like having soda water sprayed inside your skull, and a sense of the energetic architecture that surrounds us. The Spirit Whistle will bring you to the cutting edge of sound exploration

Transform yourself, and your listeners




Long ago we lived in harmony with nature and with each other.

We developed tools and instruments to help us communicate, and travel to the outer and inner reaches of space.

When we fell out of harmony, instruments of war ravaged the land and threatened our very survival.

A young musician, inspired by a songbird’s melody, has just rekindled an ancient elemental technology.  

Sound currents supercharge the imagination, and reveal the multidimensional splendor of the universe.

A Star Key has unlocked our divine potential, as we inhabit the sublime architecture of the soul’s celestial birthright.


NOTE: The Spirit Whistle produces high frequency tones.  If the sound may cause you, your pets, friends or family any discomfort, please choose another instrument.  This is a very powerful instrument and permission should be obtained from potential listeners. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.

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