Bird Mask Ocarina

The Bird Mask Ocarina will take you to new heights of ocarina magic!  When you wear it, you are instantly transformed into a fantastical creature with a secret power.  Secret of course until you blow through the mouthpiece and the melodious outpouring of music causes explosions of wonder, delight, and even disbelief all around you.  

The mask is lined with leather for a comfortable and natural feeling fit, and the strap is adjustable.  You can wear it in several ways, for instance you can lift the beak up to your forehead, and it looks like the horn of a unicorn.

Songbird says, "Of all the ocarinas I have enjoyed over the last 25 years, none has been more fun to play, wear, and share, than the Bird Mask Ocarina.   Even without playing it, I walk into a room and have incredible interactions.  As soon as I play a few notes, people literally freak out."

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