Double Dodecahedron Soprano G in Sunkissed Dendrite

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This double ocarina has its 2 chambers tuned in unison, and plays an octave in the key of G.  It is also tuned to 432.

The sound is quite unique, with the option to play in unison between the two chambers, or to play harmonies.  The unison effect is similar to 12 string guitar, adding a richness to the tone.  Because of the separation of the two chambers, the acoustic effect on the player is enchanting.

Due to the ocarina's unique shape and ergonomics, an audible binaural effect is generated for the player, as each chamber is closer to one ear. The sound is richly stereophonic. An easy way to give this experience to a listener is to stand directly behind them and play with the Ocarina placed close to the back of their head. Have them close their eyes to enhance the ability to focus on the sounds. This can lead to experiences of music that transcend entertainment.

The Dodecahedron has been a source of metaphysical interest for at least 2,000 years. Like a crystal or gem, its facets and symmetries compel our eyes and hearts
to observe life more deeply. Some have believed that the Dodecahedron represents an idealized form of Divine thought, will, or idea. To contemplate this symbol
was to engage in meditation upon the Divine. Today, many people believe there is a lost knowledge residing in the past, slowly being rediscovered. It is known that
figures like Pythagoras, Kepler, and Leonardo da Vinci were educated in these Sacred Geometries, and held many beliefs about them and their role in the


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