Legend of Zelda Standard Notation Songbook

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This beautifully illustrated songbook features twenty popular themes from the Legend of Zelda series which are presented in standard musical notation and paralleled with ocarina fingering tabs for 12-hole ocarina.  It is a perfect book for those who wish to become more familiar and comfortable with standard musical notation, using the ocarina tabs as a stepping stone to achieve fluency in reading music.  It is also a great choice for those who are already familiar with reading standard sheet music, and would like to have access to a wider repertoire of Zelda tunes without being restricted to only reading ocarina tabs.

20 Songs included in this book:

Zelda's Lullaby, Sun's Song, Epona's Song, Song of Time, Song of Storms, Minuet of Forest, Prelude of Light, Bolero of Fire, Serenade of Water, Nocturne of Shadows, Requiem of Spirit, Door of Time, Kakariko Village, Hyrule Market, Gerudo Valley, Ocarina of Time title theme, Ballad of the Goddess, The Windwaker title theme, Skyloft, and Fi's theme.  

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