Peep Shake Rattle- Other Colors Available- Made to Order

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Peep Shake is a sculptural clay rattle, filled with copper pellets. the sound can be modified by the way the instrument is gripped. A light grip gives a bright open tone, and a tighter grip gives a darker tone.


Peep Shake is very satisfying to hold, with it's curves and edges nesting comfortably in the hand.


Peep Shake is made to look great sitting on a table, shelf, or even an altar.


Playing a rattle is a simple yet profound way to create and express rhythm from the core of your being. Perhaps this is why rattles are prominent in spiritual traditions of the world. Many Native American tribes use rattles in their dances, songs, and ceremonies.


Careful attention is given to the sound and feel of the rattle, with just the right amount and size of pellets to allow for a swooshing sound and a sharp percussive sound.


A great accompaniment for your ocarina, Peep Shake is a piece of art you will enjoy playing to your heart's content.


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