TaiChi Ocarina Soprano G Midnight Black

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- Jewelry you can play

- Ceramic Ocarina in Midnight Black glaze

- 6 hole scales a range of an octave and a 3rd

- Adjustable Necklace

- Songbook/Method included


Are you stressed out over which Ocarina to choose? Well, our TaiChi Ocarina can reduce your stress because it’s inexpensive ($19), requires no special equipment, and can be played indoors or out, either alone or in a group. Our design is based on the ancient tradition of good ocarina making noted by its graceful form and a range that stretches from G5-B6, an octave and a 3rd. Deep breathing produces a gentle focused tone.


A songbook/tutorial gives you songs to play and exercises to do.


So what are you waiting for? Purchase this TaiChi and bring a little serenity into your life.


The Key of G is known to convey the feeling of gratitude, and every gentle and peaceful emotion of the heart.


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