Ocarina Enchantment MP3 Album

This is a CD of Ocarina music on ocarinas made and played by Durian Songbird. Different sizes of ocarinas are played together to create ensemble pieces. You can hear music from around the world, following Durian's travels as he learned songs from the many countries he explored.


The format is an mp3 download. Once you purchase the item, a link will be provided to download the album.


Songs include:


A Mortal Rose
Anush Yeras Heratza (Armenia)
Call of the Morning Dove (Original)
Doktere Boyer Ahmadi (Persian)
Dona Nobese Pachem (Latin)
Es tanzt ein Bi-Ba Barzemann (Germany)
Fairy Dance (Ireland)
Flamenco Andalusia (Spain)
Greek Island Song
Greensleeves (Renaissance)
I Have Seen the Stars
Irish Jig
Laz Bar (Armenia)
Lonely Mountain Top (Original)
Ragupati Ragava (India)
Shibolet Basadeh (Israel)
Yugoslavian Folk song

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