Welcome to the Home of Dancing Wings

Once upon a time, an artist had a vision of winged beings dancing in the clouds...

Years passed and the vision remained just that: a vision — a fragment of an imaginary world. But then one day, the artist discovered a magical blend of fabric that was both translucent and iridescent. The artist thought, "this material was meant for flying!" And that was the day the artist became a wing-maker. 

What Are Dancing Wings?

Dancing wings are different things to different people of all ages. To many they are reminders of freedom. To some they are a road to inner peace. To others they are happiness enhancers and/or confidence boosters. 

When it comes to dancing wings, only two things are certain: one, they bring out the magic inside us all the moment we put them on and two, they give your inner child wings to fly with (whether you're a child or adult!).  

  • What are they made of? Each pair of wings is crafted from translucent, iridescent fabric and stitched with magic and imagination. 
  • How long do they last? Thanks to their premium quality, dancing wings last a lifetime. 

Who to Wear Your Wings For

Once upon a time in a land far far away, a woman got her first pair of wings.

She wanted to wear them outside, but she always talked herself out it.  She wasn't really sure where to wear them. One day, she decided to just wear them for herself in her own place.

She put on her favorite music and danced in front of the mirror, and in that moment, she discovered so much joy and beauty in herself that day, that she vowed to share her story with others so that they too might know that they themselves, are the perfect audience for their own wing dance. The end. 

The moral of this fairytale is that the person you should wear your wings for, is you, yourself and you. The choice to bring the magic outside yourself or keep it inside is entirely up to you. Both choices are equally amazing. 

Dancing Wings are for All Kids, Big and Little

One of the magic powers of these wings, is that they enhance the little kid in everyone, no matter how old you are. We all have an inner child inside us and these wings help us reconnect with them. Dancing wings come in different sizes and colors.

  • "Little kid" wings are for children ages 1.5 to 4 year old.
  • "In-between kid" wings are for children ages 4 to 12 years old.
  • "Big kid" wings are for kids ages 13 to 99+ years old. 

Where oh Where to Wear Your Wings?

anywhere! anytime! and especially when you're in the mood for having an elevated dance experience, feeling a little down and/or could use a little more magic in your life. 

Wear These Wings While:

Dancing: You are invited to turn on your favorite music, put on your wings and see what happens...

Healing: If you are healing from anything, these wings may be able to accompany you with an air of safety, protection and confidence as you adventure along your healing journey. 

Prancing through meadows: Prancing, dancing, running, walking and skipping through meadows is recommended to be done with friends of all ages. 

Watching sunrise & sunset: Wear your wings as you say hello and goodbye to the sun. Dancing at these times of day is 100% guaranteed to bring joy to everyone who sees you...including yourself. 

Doing literally anything your heart desires: The moment you put on these wings you'll feel a shift in your energy. You are invited to explore how they elevate different parts of your daily routine. 

Experience the Magic of Discovering The Wings You've Had All Along 

And...help other people discover the same. Wearing the wings out is just level one of the dancing wings experience. To reach level two, share your wings with someone and watch as they transform.

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