Dancing Wings for Big Kids (Large)

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The magic of these wings comes alive the moment you put them on and realize how familiar it all feels...because sometimes...we forget that we were born with wings to fly through life with. Dancing wings help us remember what flying feels like.

Where oh Where to Wear Your Wings?

Online Gatherings: Bring some shimmery magic to your next Zoom party or meeting. In the beginning you might feel shy, but the more you wear your wings, the more you'll see how much laughter and magic they bring to just about anything.

Dancing Anywhere, Anytime: Dance in front of a mirror (or anywhere) and feel what it feels like to fall in love with how your body moves and naturally is.

Creative Photoshoots: Wear your wings for a photoshoot in the forest, or a soirée at the seashore. Dancing wings photograph brilliantly during sunrise and sunset...especially on the beach. 

Events: Wear your dancing wings to any event to infuse the air with a dash of whimsy. 

Wear Them Literally Anywhere: Fly around in dancing wings anywhere, and notice children looking up with wonder. When you see eyes getting wider, share the wings with them and watch their imagination soar. 

Discover The Magic of Sharing Your Wings 

There are two levels to the dancing wings experience.

  1. Unlock level one by wearing them yourself.
  2. Unlock level two by sharing them with someone you don't know yet. Dancing wings have magical powers that transform whoever puts them on. Each transformation is unique and equally as beautiful to see. 

Each pair of wings is carefully sewn with lots of magic and attention to detail. Crafted from a fabric that blends translucence and iridescence, these wings shimmer in shades of pink, green, purple and blue in the sun.

Removable Wands

Each pair of wings comes with wing wands that help you spread your wings wider. They are removable. For a more natural winged experience, simply slide the sticks out. 

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