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This Ocarina Method Book Serious Ocarina Player by Robert Hickman is a comprehensive guidebook on everything you will ever need to know about ocarina performance.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, it is sure to offer valuable and applicable information.

The book itself is almost 300 pages in length, and includes many graphics and diagrams to supplement the text.


The Fundamentals of Excellent Performance

Covered topics include:

  • The history and capabilities of the transverse ocarina
  • Identifying ocarinas designed as serious instruments
  • Single chamber versus multichamber ocarinas
  • Understanding ocarinas in different keys and octaves
  • The fingering systems of single chamber and multichamber ocarinas
  • Holding ocarinas, and avoiding hand pain
  • Playing the high notes of single chambered ocarinas
  • Blowing an ocarina to create a clean, controlled tone
  • Playing in tune, and the impact of ambient temperature
  • How to approach practice in an effective way
  • Identifying playable music, and adapting music to the ocarina
  • Performing and using Classical and Celtic articulation/ornamentation
  • Recording an ocarina in a studio setting

Finally, this book contains answers to many frequently asked questions, such as:

  • Is the ocarina easy to play?
  • Is the ocarina a good instrument for young children?
  • Why does my ocarina have airy high notes?

If you have questions about playing the transverse ocarina, look no further than 'Serious Ocarina Player'.

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