Sonoro Alto C Jade Crackle

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- 12-Hole ocarina produces range of octave and 6th

- Ceramic finished in JadeCrackle glaze

- Songbook/Method included

If you’re buying your first ocarina........

which is the right one to start out with?

will it be easy to learn and play?

which range is best and most pleasing to the ear?

is this the instrument I will use most?


what’s the best instrument I can get for the price?

If you’re starting out, the Sonoro 12-hole sweet potato Alto C is the right instrument to choose. It’s perfect for every player whether you’re a beginner or pro. It’s full range of an octave and a sixth covers the repertory you’ll play. All instruments are hand made producing clear focused tone that’s easy to produce and pleasing to the ear whether you play solo or ensemble. With several colors and finishes to choose from, each ocarina comes with a songbook/tutorial.

If you’ve never played ocarina before, make the Sonoro Alto C your first choice.

The key of C is known to convey the characteristics of purity and innocence.



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