Songbird Harmony Triple Ocarina

While most triple ocarinas are designed exclusively for maxiumum range, Songbird has developed a triple ocarina that is designed with playability, intuitiveness, and the ability to harmonize.

The Songbird Triple distinguishes itself from the average triple ocarina due to its unique tuning system, inspired by the works of Italian ocarinist,Giorgio Pacchioni. While the first chamber can play just over an octave (A4-Eb6), the two upper chambers are tuned in fifths (C6-G6 on second chamber and G6-E7 on third chamber), which makes playing intuitive.
This tuning also allows for overlapping notes such as with guitars and other stringed instruments, which makes it possible to play a wide variety of harmonies in sync and with ease. 
And finally, the tone is well-rounded and perfectly balanced between all three chambers, making it easy to switch chambers without drastic changes in your breath. 

Whether you are looking to experience your very first multi-chamber ocarina or ready take your ocarina playing to the next level, the Songbird Triple Ocarina is the perfect blend of balance, harmony, and a tuning system that just makes sense.
- Tuned to C (A=440) 
- 2.5 octave range (A4-E7) Interesting feature: C6-Eb6 are repeated in the second chamber, and G6 from the second chamber is repeated in the third chamber.
- Intuitive tuning system 
- Balanced tone, volume, and breath slope between chambers
- Strawfire finish
- Comes with padded pouch and exclusive songbook in standard notation. Tutorial fingering chart and all songs in book, written an octave lower for ease of reading.

* What is Straw Fire? 

Straw fire is when an already kiln-fired ocarina is put inside a fire-proof container and fired again with combustible straw. The smoke from the fire makes organic designs and rich woodsy color on the surface of the ocarina. The ocarina is then polished with an organic lacquer which comes from certain trees. Camphor oil is used to thin the lacquer. There are a very small number of individuals who have reported allergic reactions to the Straw Fired ocarinas. If you think you may be allergic to lacquer, or camphor oil, please choose a different ocarina.


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