Ocarina of Time 6-Hole Alto C

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- Compact 6-hole ceramic ocarina

- Alto C with range of c'-e"

- Glazed in Zelda Blue with Triforce on mouthpiece

- Tutorial & Songbook Included


"....it could only be fate that I should lay hand on that which grants the wishes of the beholder."


That came from one of our Songbird customers. For sake of confidentiality, let’s call him Link. He felt musically challenged since he didn’t have the courage to play the ocarina, the power to find the right instrument, nor the wisdom to buy one at a price he could afford.


We get this all the time. To which we replied.....


Well, our Sweet Potato Ocarina is your entry, Link, to the golden land. This sacred relic was left behind in our workshop by the golden goddess Bin and whoever touches it, will have whatever wishes he desires granted. That’s because this 6-hole Zelda is one of our easiest ocarinas to play. It’s small shape, a mere 4”, packs a powerful instrument you can put in your pocket and take anywhere. 


If you still have doubts, check the Triforce stamped near the windway. Encoded, this Triforce states: He who hath the courage to buy the “right” instrument, puts himself on “top” of his power, therefore in the end, “left” with wisdom.


We couldn’t say it better. Buy our hot selling sweet potato. What’s holding you back? It can only be fate.


The key of C is known to convey the characteristics of purity and innocence.


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