Anime Songbook: Vol. 2 for 12 Hole Ocarina

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This is our second volume of the Anime Songbook for 12 hole style ocarina, featuring 30 of the most popular songs and themes in the genre.  

This songbook utilizes the ocarina tablature system to represent notes from famous Anime songs.  

Songs included:


Angel Beats! -- My Soul, Your Beats

Attack on Titan -- Opening 1

Attack on Titan -- Opening 2

Black Butler -- Monochrome Kiss

Black Clover -- Black Rover

Blue Exorcist -- In My World

Cowboy Bebop -- TANK!

Demon Slayer -- Gurenge

Fairy Tail -- Main Theme

FLCL -- Ride on the Shooting Star

Full Metal Alchemist -- Melissa

Full Metal Alchemist -- UNDO

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood -- Again

Hunter x Hunter -- Departure!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure -- Il Vento D'oro (Giorno's Theme)

Kill la Kill -- Ambiguous

Laputa, Castle in the Sky -- Carrying You

My Hero Academia -- Peace Sign

My Hero Academia -- The Day

Naruto Shippuden -- Silhouette

One Piece -- We Are

One Punch Man -- The Hero!

Princess Mononoke -- Main Theme

Sword Art Online -- Crossing Field

The Promised Neverland -- Isabella's Lullaby

Tokyo Ghoul -- Unravel

Violet Evergarden -- Sincerely

Weathering With You -- Grand Escape

Your Lie in April -- Hikaru Nara

Your Name -- Nandemonaiya

Yuri on Ice -- History Maker

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