Anime Songbook: Vol. 2 for 6 Hole Ocarina (PDF)

This is our second volume of the Anime Songbook for 6 hole style ocarina, featuring 30 of the most popular songs and themes in the genre.  This version is available as a PDF Download.

This songbook utilizes the ocarina tablature system to represent notes from famous Anime songs.  

Songs included:


Angel Beats! -- My Soul, Your Beats

Attack on Titan -- Opening 1

Attack on Titan -- Opening 2

Black Butler -- Monochrome Kiss

Black Clover -- Black Rover

Blue Exorcist -- In My World

Cowboy Bebop -- TANK!

Demon Slayer -- Gurenge

Fairy Tail -- Main Theme

FLCL -- Ride on the Shooting Star

Full Metal Alchemist -- Melissa

Full Metal Alchemist -- UNDO

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood -- Again

Hunter x Hunter -- Departure!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure -- Il Vento D'oro (Giorno's Theme)

Kill la Kill -- Ambiguous

Laputa, Castle in the Sky -- Carrying You

My Hero Academia -- Peace Sign

My Hero Academia -- The Day

Naruto Shippuden -- Silhouette

One Piece -- We Are

One Punch Man -- The Hero!

Princess Mononoke -- Main Theme

Sword Art Online -- Crossing Field

The Promised Neverland -- Isabella's Lullaby

Tokyo Ghoul -- Unravel

Violet Evergarden -- Sincerely

Weathering With You -- Grand Escape

Your Lie in April -- Hikaru Nara

Your Name -- Nandemonaiya

Yuri on Ice -- History Maker



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