Little Wing Harmonic Minor

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- Handcrafted instrument inspired from a design created by Sina Geiß.

- Ceramic finished in artisan glazes

-  Harmonic Minor

-  Includes Pouch

 Let your music making take flight with our Little Wing.

This ceramic ocarina is tuned in the Harmonic Minor, a musical mode which hearkens back to and is reminiscent of ancient Egypt and other ethnic scales.  It utilizes a simplified tuning system perfect for improvisation and feeling your way through the music, boasting a balanced and pure sound with no dissonant notes. Also capable of all the notes of the diatonic scale utilizing cross finger positions.

Harmonic Minor is a popular scale in music of the Near East, countries like Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Armenia.  It uses a combination of short intervals and extra large intervals, which creates a kind of pulling or tugging feeling, like tugging at your heart strings.  So, this scale can create a feeling of yearning.  Like when you experience  something so lovely that you must share it with someone.   Played slowly you can express difficult emotions beautifully, like sorrow, compassion, wishing for things to be different.  Sped up, great humor and playfulness can be evoked.  Because of the combination of little steps and extra big steps, this mode is particularly danceable, and in fact there is a whole genre of "belly dance" music that makes great use of this scale.  It is linear, so the same process of opening one hole at a time from right to left, cumulatively, will give you the notes of this scale, and "drop note" fingering will achieve smaller intervals in leu on the extra big steps, to achieve all the notes of the chromatic scale.


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