The Ocarina of Time 12 Hole in Alto C

- 12-hole Power

- 21 note range of Courage (A4-F6)

- Tone of Wisdom

- Real platinum band

- Includes Songs from the Legend of Zelda Vol 1

Whether you want to find friends or just stop calamity, you’ll become a true hero of time with this ocarina from the Legend of Zelda. A unique 12-hole instrument handed down by generations of Hyrule’s royal family, this secret treasure is now available to you.

Because it’s impeccably in tune it can be played beyond the 4 keys needed to enter the sacred Realm of the Triforce, and the ceramic glaze of Zelda Blue gives off a glow reminiscent of an active time shift stone. It’s exemplary tone blends especially well with pipes of awakening, the guitar of waves and the drums of sleep. Comes with a book of 36 songs featured in the Legend of Zelda series.

We want you to have this ocarina. Please take good care of it and think of Songbird as you play your way north, south, east or west. Fun is just a breath away.

So.......if you haven’t bought one yet, it’s about time! 



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