Pokéball Ocarina

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  • Accurately designed Pokéball replica
  • Handcrafted ceramic glazed in a protective glossy finish
  • 6-Hole produces over an octave range from D5-F#6, including sharps and flats
  • Compact for travel at just 2" in diameter
  • Songbook/Tutorial included

What's red, white, and blew us away with its good looks? The Pokéball Ocarina, that's what!

Pokémon has had a special place in the hearts of trainers for years, and now it can finally have a place in your hands as your new favorite ocarina. Play classic Pokémon songs at home with friends or while searching for Pokémon in the great outdoors, it's all possible thanks to the ocarina's 6-hole fingering system, professional tuning to the key of D, and its highly portable design.

Whether you're journeying back in time through Kanto or on a new adventure in Alola, have the Pokéball Ocarina ready at your side for fun musical moments as you catch 'em all!

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