Hear and See the Ocarinas

Sound samples of each ocarina style.  Recorded in a natural environment with no added effects.



 Allegro 12 Hole Alto C Ocarina

Baby DragonTooth Ocarina Bravura Ocarina Brio Ocarina Charm Ocarina Coming Soon

Doggy Ocarina Double Sweet Potato in C DragonTooth Ocarina Eagle Bone Flute Coming Soon

Fairy Ocarina Harmony Double in C Harmony Double in Tenor G Hylian Shield Ocarina in G Majora's Mask Ocarina Ocarina of Time Standard Edition Ocarina of Time Hyrule Edition Ocarina of Time Kokiri Edition Ocarina of Time Double Chamber Soprano Pendant in Bflat Alto Pendant Ocarina in D Scarab Ocarina in Alto C  Seedpod Ocarina in Alto C Seedpod Ocarina in Bass C Seedpod Ocarina in Soprano C Seedpod Ocarina in Tenor G Sonoro Ocarina in C Sopranino in G Spearhead Ocarina in Soprano C Star Key in G-d

Strawberry Ocarina Sweet Potato Ocarina in C Tai Chi Pendant in G Coming Soon

Teardrop Soprano in C Teardrop Soprano in G The Ladybug Ocarina The Muse Ocarina Triple Ocarina in Alto C Tutti Ocarina in Soprano C Vivo Ocarina in Soprano G Wang Yu Ocarina in Alto C

















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