Story by Aris Suarez

For centuries we’ve known that music is such a powerful force. We used it to worship the deities and gods, we used it to tell tales of such courageous heroes, and we used it to open our ears. We craved more and more for the music that moved us, that reminded us of how life is truly beautiful.

            Soon, instruments were developed to feed our hunger for music and the ocarina was born. It was once just a simple egg shaped whistle-like instrument that had six holes. Soon it transformed from a simple whistle into a modern piece of art that doubles as a stunning instrument. Ocarinas carry the most beautiful sound around and can turn even the simplest song into a striking melody.

            Ocarinas are so moving and powerful that they can capture life, they can play the fluid music of the cascading waterfalls, they can capture sweet dreams and use it to lull you to sleep, and they can even unlock even the saddest soul and bring it a world of happiness. Ocarinas pause time for us, it lets us absorb the beauty of the world around us. It opens our ears, letting us hear the most simple of sounds in a very dazzling way. It frees us from our human bonds; we leave our monotonous human life for just a minute to start soaring with the birds above and fly away with music. It can even heal the deepest of wounds with just a few breaths that somehow magically lifts our troubles away.

It brings the amorous feeling to our mind, our body, and our soul. As Shakespeare once said, music is the food of love, with which I believe we can not live without. What better way to feed it than with a beautiful song played by a beautiful instrument? So I ask you all just simply open your soul, accept the ocarina, and discover the magic and power behind it. 




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