Story by Brandon Fetterly

Why the ocarina? Not because of popular culture. Not because of famous players. Not for a video game. Why the ocarina? Because of its beauty, its power, its grace. The ocarina is a tool to release the depths of your soul, to open your mind, heart, and life to those who will listen. The power of your spirit is translated by the ocarina into song, a universal language we’ve understood since birth. For years, man has been seeking the very core of his being, not knowing that it was beneath his feet, in clay, beside him, in the wood of a tree, and within him, in his breath that so skillfully manipulates the sound. A trinity of musical grace, these essences, brought together, have been with us since the beginning, and will be with us until the end.


The ancient natives had very little in the realm of materialistic wealth, but perhaps this was why they were the first to have created ocarinas. With no vain and vapid belongings they were free from the chains that many of today's people are still bound by, and this freedom led them to understand how important music was and still is. They created the first ocarinas out of necessity, a need to express, to communicate, and perhaps to spread the deeply engraved happiness that comes from hearing a song that simply... dances. 


Why the ocarina? It is necessary, it was needed. Asking "why the ocarina" is like asking "why air, why water". I simply could not live without.

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