Story by Brenda Toyoshima

In times gone by, there have been moments of great terror, of darkness, and insecurity.  However, there have been moments of great enlightenment, heroism, and gaiety.  Though the days of dark and days of light alternate, taking their turns in dominance, one element never changed.  The flow of life, and its ability to bind to, and break through its surroundings.  However dark the day, light has never been extinguished. 


Rumors of a great being, a guardian dragon, have been passed down from generation to generation of peoples throughout the land.  This powerful and wise dragon has scales of night and day, and the twilight in between.  It's horrible face is fierce and drips with cruelty and venom, but at a second glance, can suddenly seem compassionate and alive.  It kept the balance of humanity on earth, giving and protecting, yet stern and firm.  He controls the shifting in humanities' fate, and the ebb and flow of our fortune.


Though not many know, the dragon is not the only being with the ability to control as he wishes.  A small, but sufficient amount of this skill resides in us.  We can influence the thoughts and emotions of those around us, those who see and hear our actions.  Though we only want the best for those who surround us, sometimes misunderstandings are created, and conflict ensues, and can escalate to violence and war. 


These events also have a constant.  Music is the one thing that can never be misunderstood, and something that we can all enjoy.  The power of music is undeniable, from simple melodies to great symphonies, and always brings people together, and attracts attention and spreads a subtle, but definitive message.  All people have a right to this power, without too much difficulty in finding an instrument both simple and with the potential to be great.


The ocarina fits this description perfectly.  The spectrum of music that can be played by it is unbelievable, breathtaking.  It needs to be heard to  be understood, but it needs to be played to begin to imagine the true beauty and emotion that lays within.  As it is learned, and experienced, the player will improve in playing and unlock more potential, more power and  more expressiveness.  The most rewarding part, however, is watching the people you share your music with pay the sort of respect and awe that is inspired by the ocarina.  The cycle is continued as those who you have made an impact on with the ocarina grow an interest in the instrument, and try one for themselves. 


This is the power of ocarina playing, the ability to influence others.  The power of the dragon.

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