Story by David Stanton

Many years ago a small scroll was found washed up in a very very old bottle sealed upon the shores of a distant land it read.....


In the land of Narfula there ruled a kind a benevolent king. He was love by all of his people. However the king did not have an heir for the thrown. In desperation he searched the world for anything or anyone who could help. One day far far from his kingdom of Narfula the king happened upon a strange little man with a feather in his hat leaning against a tree playing a most intriuing insturment that looked like a little round rock. He said "What be that strange thing in which you play such lovely music!?" the little strange mand with the feather in his had said with a giggle "Ah, this be my magic Ocarina!"; "Magic Ocarina?!" the king exclamed. "What kind of magic does this Ocarina of yours hold?" the king asked. "Oh, this is the reason I have a lovely daughter you see, for the music of the Ocarina brought her to us." the old man said with a big grin. "What?! This cannot be, where can I find one to bring me a son?!" demanded the king. The little man hopped up and said "Follow me and you will see, for my name is Nyrrad and I know of many secret things, there is a cave not far from here, in the cave is the only place a king may find his path to win a son." Nyrrad said with a grin. "What does this cave hold?" Asked the king. "Oh, you shall see, but you must be prepaired to fight and risk your very life to earn a royal son you see, for to win your royal Ocarina you must defeat the shimmering black dragon of the cave and pull a tooth from its mouth and carve your own ocarina using a very special magic knife that you must collect in the back of the cave." Nyrrad answered. "The tooth be mine!" The king declaired and prepaired himself for battle.


This is where the ancent text stops and the end is unknown, will you attain the magical dragons tooth?

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