Story by John King

My view of the power of the ocarina is that the ocarina can make a soul of a person happy, sad, calm, and even mad. The power of the ocarina is in the hands of the beholder of any ocarina rather it be giant or pendant sized. They all create wonderful music. what you hear is how you play it. To know the instrument is not all of the power. To know how to play it is not all of the power. The only way to know the true power of the ocarina is to respect it and you or the other person who is playing it. Because if the person who is playing it is sad then the musical rhythm that will come out of it will make people feel sad, but if the musical rhythm is happy then everyone is happy.


For the power of the ocarina is not magical. It is Spiritual by the body and mind of you the player and those who are the listeners. Most people think that for all instrument their is no power but there is a great might of power which the instrument player can wield. no matter if it is a ocarina or a tuba or a piano. Any instrument has power. Because If you play a happy tune on any instrument including the ocarina  the listeners will be happy, Play a sad tune on any instrument including the ocarina  the listeners will be sad. With that being said  the power is also the music that come out of the ocarina. Which way the music sounds to you and the crowd listening will be the same reaction. 


The music it send a vibe man. The way they feel the beat is the way they gonna flow.  That is all it is the whole power of the ocarina. It is ME,YOU, AND THE INSTRUMENT ITSELF. plus I think you ca add to the power of the ocarina. Because if you can think harmony. Then you know you can bring any instrument in and make great music with the ocarina; even if its another ocarina. Harmony is in every, EVERY instrument: the drums, the piano, and the ocarina. 


The power is only what you can do with any instrument. If you play weak the power is weak. If you play strong the power is strong. to play in tune is not only that you get the notes right. It is both getting the notes right and being able to link them together. To create harmony and music with the power of the ocarina you must be able to play it with other people listening and to be able to make wonderful sounds with the ocarina with different of same instruments.


That is what the power of the ocarina is. How you play the instrument. How the other people like the sound. If you play strong or weak that will make the sound bad or great. Finally, harmony with the same or different instruments playing at the same time. 


this is how I see "The Power of The ocarina". Because how I see it is that no matter how good or bad you you think you are. It may not be perfect but, you are always making music. that is THE POWER OF THE OCARINA, music.

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