Story by Kevin Were


The Death of a family member is a very sad event in life for Family, Friends, and even more, a lot can be shown through death. Before my Grandma died she gave me her Old Ocarina but the ocarina didn’t look very old it looked like it came out of a package it was yellow with tiny crack streaks through them It was good as new. She got it when she was a little girl, so now she is dying and is 74. Everyone will miss her Mother told me of how she used to play to her like songs like “Happy Birthday” on birthday celebrations “La Cucaracha” for our heritage which is a Mexican song. The Ocarina was actually passed down by our Great Great Grandfather. But the thing is I don’t know if it was passed to other family members before the others or maybe passed down from the Mayans but even my mother doesn’t know and my grandma does know but I didn’t clearly ask her so now she is dying and there is nothing I can do I was to late and now I can never have that chance right now she in a Coma.  Now it is passed on to me, to me the powers of the ocarina is our memories, our soverneirs, our passions and our Culture and when I grow up I will give it to my grand son or granddaughter like how my Grandma and the ones before did.

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