Story by Landon Neal

Potential power

The ocarina is an instrument that has since lost its popularity, I research the ocarina online (right before I got my songbird sweet potato) the ocarina maintained popularity until the early 20th century, but then in 1998 with Nintendo’s release of Loz: oot (legend of Zelda: ocarina of time) the ocarina gain all its popularity again, but as the years went on by 2000 the ocarina was an unknown instrument to anyone who did not have Nintendo’s 1998 hit game.

The ocarina is a very powerful instrument, when a storm is coming I get my ocarina and play, because , well because it makes me feel better and it gives me a sense of security, that if anything bad were to happen in the storm that I know we would get through it safe and soundly.

They say the best time to start learning to play an instrument is at an early age, well the ocarina (in my opinion) is one of the easiest instruments to learn, the songs are very simple, and would be an ideal instrument for a young child who wanted to play an out-of-the-ordinary instrument. Once you get the hang of playing and learn a song or two you won’t want to put it down.

The ocarina is a potentially powerful instrument, because the more people who hear you play, the more people who will begin to play, then the more people that hear them play will begin to play, so its like an (almost) never ending chain of people playing ocarinas, now think for a minute, if more people play the more it would turn-up in our daily live and would be an instrument of great inspiration.

I hope this writing has inspired you. Thank you.


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