Story by Richard Thalman

The oldest, yet least known musical instrument. People have heard of this wonderful flute mostly because of Nintendo's Ocarina Of Time. But the magical ability of this musical instrument goes way beyond the realm of N64 video-games. This instrument not only plays over an octave of notes, but, if played properly, it can cast a spell over all who hear it with a simple tune. One note flowing into the next, the hypnotic spell bewitches the mind. Once someone has heard this fine flute play an ensnaring euphony, their mind wanders, leaving their subconscious open for suggestions. Any amateur hypnotist knows what to do from here. The Ocarina can lull someone into a deep, hypnotic sleep.


A lively tune strikes up. Everyone looks around wondering why they are all of the sudden compelled to sing and dance along with the music. Surely this upbeat theme is not enough to make a roomful of people dance carelessly. But wait! there's this strange instrument at the head of the band. The leader is playing some whimsical whistle, and that seems to be the cause of all this. Each fast-paced figure she plays drives and pushes the melody, not to mention the people, forward. The Ocarina can get the blood pumping, and get everyone dancing merrily with each hum of the sound-hole.


The Ocarina is, undoubtedly, the most powerful musical instrument of them all. With the ability to lull or set aflame, the Ocarina is an instrument of the soul. One can only imagine what power and force will be unleashed when the unhindered ability of the Ocarina is fused with the sheer power of the Dragon.


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