Story by Roger Agraviador

Power is the ability to direct or influence the behavior of others, and in this essay

I will explain the powers of the ocarina in my best knowledge as a musician.

Power of the Ocarina: Pertaining to spectator

The Power of Allure (Visual)

“I heldeth the glowing object and hath seen no beauty such as this, beauty that in my eyes touches my tormented

soul from a life of slaying”

:In terms of appearance The ocarina manifests itself in a myriad of forms, the

manifestation of these forms is almost limitless, the only form it cannot manifest into, is

the form that you tell yourself it cannot take. The manifestation the ocarina takes is the

power that triggers the qualia of the human being. Qualia is the associated feeling that a

person gets when he experiences a stimulus, may it be a picture, a song etc. An

example would be the Dragon tooth ocarina, when I look into it I feel this sense of

Majestic Power which is associated with its color and form but also exhibits a sense of a

wild beauty that can only be wielded/tamed by a person of strong will, another example

is the Muse, it gives me this feeling of purity, as if the goddess of beauty has looked and

smiled on me. All this the spectator feels just by looking at a manifestation of an ocarina.

Depending on what form it manifests, you would also get different human reactions.

Keep in mind that the power of the ocarina cannot manifest without a host, a maker to

be exact, for the power of the ocarina depends on the host.

The Power of Song (Musical)

“As I breathed life into it once again, the faces of people who hath listened to its power, in awe and frozen like

the statues stareth by the gorgon from myth”

:The sound that the ocarina produces is just pure and natural, I seem to feel that the

tone of the ocarina should be left unaltered although with a certain exception to delays

and reverbs to an extent. The natural tone and the way the player manipulates the

notes to produce it, is key to unlocking the ocarinas musical power(as we all know).

Pertaining towards the spectator, melodies played on the ocarina seem to affect them

because the sound seems very down to earth and sympathetic in nature, I feel the

ocarina exhibits its power strongly when playing slow, calm, and sustained melodies

(specially in places where the reverb is strong, e.g. caves, cathedrals etc), as it calms

the soul of any spectator, I believe even the hardest of the hard metal fan can be

calmed by slow melodies played in an ocarina. Off-course this does not strictly put it in

that exclusivity, as any compositions as long as it is true and sincere, it can touch the

hearts of many, depending on the player who wields it, different sympathetic results will

occur towards the spectator. But the musical power of the ocarina can only manifest

itself with the help of a host, without the host to breath life into the chamber of the

ocarina, there will be no musical power manifested.

Power of the Ocarina: In Pertaining to host/ Player

The ocarina surely affects any spectator of the sort, but as I mentioned it requires

a host for its powers to manifest, and that is the player who breaths life into the

instrument, and the maker who physically manifests the instrument, both different types

of hosts are also affected by the powers of Allure and Song, since hosts are also

spectators, but with the inclination of becoming the key for both powers to manifest, but

when A person becomes a host for the ocarina he/she unlocks more of its powers that

affect him/her directly, these unlocked powers can affect the spectator but it is more

inclined to affect the host. These are the powers of Metamorphosis, Solace, and

Induce (take note that induce is a power that the host gains and uses, but of

course the Ocarina is needed for this).

The Power of Metamorphosis (Change)

“As I journey to give my amends, I have felt that some of my torment hath disappeared, the longer I breathed

life into it, the more it occurs”

:Change can be brought about by the ocarina once the host has started to breath life

into it again and again, this form we may call practicing/ meditation, and thus when a

person practices something again and again, he/she will have gained knowledge and

facility. As I have said knowledge and facility, I did not say mastery for I believe that

mastery is not a state but an ongoing journey and this is where the metamorphosis of

the host begins.

When you spend time to try to master something, you pickup knowledge on the way,

and this entirely changes your logic, ideas and so forth, you also pickup ethics may it be

a good ethic or a bad one. Contemplating (practicing, thinking) on the ocarina will merit

you this change, like the great samurais Miyamoto Musashi and Yagyu Munenori have

said in their respective books, “it is hard to try to explain in exact and great detail and so

the only way to understand this is to practice”, by doing so, soon enough you will see

changes little by little, this is a journey that only ends when you give up.

The Power of Solace (Comfort, Feeling)

“As I breathed life unto it, my soul resonates”

:Comfort is what the ocarina brings every time a host picks it up and plays it, the ocarina

channels the hosts emotions and turns it into sound and gives the host a sense of

comfort, To put it simply it relieves the hosts agony and replaces it with a sense of inner

peace. Once you play and put all your consciousness in playing the ocarina you will

have felt a resonance in you.

The Power to Induce (To Affect)

“As I play, the one’s in aguish feel solace, the ones in sorrow feel happiness, and the ones that hate feel love”

:This is in relation to the power of song, but this is a power affecting the host more, for in

order to use the power of induce, one must have earned a degree of knowledge and

technical facility over the ocarina, this as I said earlier can be achieved by doing. When

a host plays with his/her Solace he/she can Induce the same solace towards spectators,

you must first feel it before you hope the power can be induced to a spectator. An

example would be that you are using the ocarina and say you play a childish melody, in

order to induce this childish melody to a spectator you must first feel the melody you

play, once you do this, you can induce the feeling towards a spectator seamlessly. This

takes a great deal of practice on the hosts part.

Final Thoughts:

The powers explained are not something you gain by just getting an ocarina, these

powers can be utilized only by diligent practice and commitment, both of which are

driven by human will, their is no specific manual, how to, book, or even a magical tome,

that will merit you these powers. The ocarina is a vessel of your soul that manifests it in

a way that people will react to, and this is a very beautiful spectacle altogether. Alas my

essay ends but my knowledge will not, for as I said earlier “mastery is not a state but a

journey that only ends when you give up”.






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