Story by Taylor Allred

The Power of the Ocarina


Often I wander these woods of deep emerald green shrouded in mist

I walk along by enjoying life’s wonders

But today I found that I seemed slightly troubled

That something wasn’t quite right

And the mist in the trees was clouding my mind


And as I walked as troubled as can be

I knew that I needed guidance and meditation

But the opposition of the world was in favor and I could not focus


Then suddenly my eye caught something only I could have seen

Surrounded in moss and Insects of the forest

Lay a masterpiece, a Jade of Holes

The humble Ocarina


Never had I seen something so clean and un-carved

I reached over to grasp it in my hands

It felt as though it were a part of me

I pressed the mouth piece to my lips

And let a soft breath break through 


The sound leapt from my chest and into the air

I felt a spark, a smile

I blew again more willingly

The sound echoed through the forest

And the mist that was clouding my mind began to lift


My heart grew full, I felt like laughing

My troubles were simply lifting away

I played a song, I played some more

I played until I had the forest under my soft, commanding breath

I lifted the mist that shrouded my mind

I bid the plants grow that I might have joy

Then I played the creatures to sleep so I might have peace


When my song was over so was my sorrow

And as I lay under the stars

I slept in Amazing Grace


And that is the power of the Ocarina

So meek and so mild

So wise and So strong.



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