Story by Victoria Hess

Music has inspired man since man could first appreciate the songs in nature; water playing over rocks, wind sweeping through long grass and birds chortling to the rising sun.  The ocarina has not existed for as long as nature, but it has existed for around 15,000 years and is one of the oldest instruments invented by early peoples. 


There is something haunting about the delicate trill of an ocarina.  The simplicity of the sound brings an honesty that cannot be duplicated by any other instrument played today.  The tone is reminiscent of an ancient people, a curious explorer, and a playful poet on a lazy day.  It’s dumbfounding that such an uncomplicated instrument can bring forth such a variety of sounds and songs and an immense amount of joy to both player and listener. 


The ocarina can transcend the realm of music by becoming a way of life.  The way of the ocarina is uncomplicated yet spirited.   The delicate notes and trouble free structure bring back a time long forgotten, but always longed for, in the hearts of man.  Those who own ocarinas find a type of peace brought on by the innocent music provided by this remarkable instrument.  Play an ocarina and you’ll see what I mean.    Be warned; once you start playing it’s difficult to stop!   


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