Story by Wesley Kao

The ocarina is an ancient woodwind having its very own unique beauty, song, and feeling that no other instrument can make.


     The creating of the ocarina dates back millennium ago, made by the ancient people of South America, and Africa who used it for religious ceremonies and gatherings. In the 19th century, the ocarina was introduced to seventeen year old Giuseppe Donati, a young Italian baker, who transformed the ocarina, a small toy woodwind instrument, into a truly magical masterpiece. Today, each ocarina made in the world is imbued with a beautiful and special incomprehensible power.


     Once blown into the mouthpiece, a mellifluous melody emanates from the very heart of the ocarina, creating uncontrollable power and depth, greatly affecting the environment around the player of the ocarina, and the player himself. It may also reflect fragrant memories, great emotion and deep thought. The emotional and melodious powers of the ocarina can be used in any environment. Its incredibly wonderful sound will cure the symptoms of any atmosphere.


     All melodies emanating from the ocarina are vividly colorful. Each and every note played from the ocarina is painted very delicately and carefully on the canvas of feeling, creating a beautiful masterpiece of colorful song. The ocarina’s music is carried over to the ears of people, so they can listen, enjoy, and dance to the unique colorful sounds and art the ocarina creates.


     Every tone of the ocarina and the ocarina itself is special- no two ocarinas are the same. The sounds of an ocarina may range from the gentle and quiet whisper of a swift meadow zephyr, to the gurgling musical laugh of a cool, limpid bubbling stream. Each ocarina also has its own abilities. The lovely, high, sweet trilling call of the soprano ocarina brings happiness and enjoyment, while the deep rich sounds of the bass ocarina warms the environment and spreads soothing comfort.


     One ocarina can be the key to thousands of different doors and openings. When someone plays or hears the pure song of the ocarina, the sound of it may serve as a lenitive anodyne, or it could be a calmer of mental restlessness. No matter what door or an ocarina may unlock, it will always bring much peace, happiness, love, and nostalgia.



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