The Legend of the Star Key

By: Darcy Tarquinio, age: 15


Legend has it there is an instrument that is key to the future. With the capability of producing beautiful harmonies as well as entrancing sequences, it is a true treasure indeed. There are very few left in the world, and those which remain must be protected at all costs. That instrument is known as The Star Key.


The star key that I possess was passed down to me from my mother when I was a child. Ever since then I have treasured it, protected it and have been amazed at its capability. 


Whenever I play it, the world around me seems to stop and listen. Dolphins come up from the sea and chirp along. Birds fly around me joining into the harmony. Even the deadliest of wolves seem to howl along when they hear the hypnotizing melody. 


So here I walk, through the deserted ruins, searching for a sign as to why this surreal item exists. Slowly growing tired of the search, I decide to take a rest. Leaning against an arch standing out in the ruins I decide to play a tune. Carefully grabbing hold of the chain around my neck, I slowly bring my beloved Star key up to my lips and begin to play the lullaby my mother taught me when I was little. 


I quickly became engulfed by the beautiful and rich tone, closing my eyes I felt myself entering another world.  A world of relaxation, harmony, and comfort, all of which I have become accustomed to. Continuing through the song I open my eyes and gaze up into the night sky. Stars dotting the Galaxy seem to shine brighter as I play, and the moon as full as ever seemed to sparkle. I soon felt more soothed and relaxed. Finishing the lullaby I hold my Star Key to my heart. Closing my eyes I began to think; Yes... This is why it must be protected, this is why I am here and alive, this is its true beauty and power! 


As I continue to stand there I am shaken from my thoughts by the sound of footsteps. Quickly concealing my Star Key I comb the area for predators, only to find two wolves stalking towards me. Confused and alert I take a step back and scan my surroundings for an escape route. Turning my attention back to the wolves I see them standing in front of me, bowing their heads. I tilted my head to the side in confusion as I dared not to move. They raised their heads and slowly turned to walk away from me, as if to say "follow". Pulling my hood over my head I cautiously followed the strange beasts through the abandoned ruins. 


Slowly they lead me to an ancient structure, with a strange door. Furrowing my eyebrows I looked to where the wolves were, but to my surprise they were gone! I began wondering to myself as to why they would bring me here. Slowly tapping my foot as I looked around, my gaze found the door.  I looked closer at it and saw ancient drawings and writings scattered all over it. Running my hands a crossed the delicately etched symbols, it came to my attention that the drawings were not just ordinary ancient drawings. No. They were of my Star key! 


Surprise and curiosity raced through my veins the very moment I saw the drawings. Trying to decipher what it meant I stepped back and took in what I saw.  At the top of the door was the night sky with a full moon right in the center. Looking down I saw ruins and the building towering in front of me, then a keyhole, and below that... Music notes? 


No, it can't be music. Stepping closer I realized it was an ancient sequence! 


Trying to read the sequence wasn't very difficult, and it appeared to be a very intricate melody. Going over it one more time to make sure I read everything correctly, I brought my Star Key up to my lips once again and started to play the sequence. After the first few notes the rest just seemed to come to me. I closed my eyes as I was engulfed in a trance full of wonder and strength. Finishing the last note the ground started to shake. Grabbing my star key tightly to ensure I didn't drop it, I stood there and watched as the door started shake and move to the side. A smile crept its way across my face as I watched in awe at what was happening in front of me. At last the door was finally out of the way and a wave of warmth spread throughout my body. 


I walked inside the building and was surrounded by blank walls and a small pedestal in the middle of the room. There were no windows or any light aside from the moons glow shining in from where the door used to be. I took slow steps towards the middle of the room to find a small stand on top of the pedestal. I carefully circled it, attempting to find its purpose. 


After a little while, I had an idea. Glancing down at my Star Key that was still clutched in my hand, I held it next to the stand. I gasped when I saw it would be a perfect fit! Cautiously I lowered my precious Star Key onto the stand, when it was in place a bright light shown from the stand. The door rumbled and slid closed leaving me trapped inside with the blinding light. Just then the light disappeared and I was enveloped in pure darkness. Waiting for my eyes adjust to the sudden change, I heard a faint melodic sound. I cupped my hand to my ear to try to hear where it was coming from. I then realized it was the same tune that was inscribed on the door.


The Star Key was playing itself. 


Whirling my head around to where I thought the stand was I was in awe when I saw I was no longer standing in the room anymore. I was standing in... Space?! There I was, surrounded by thousands of stars and galaxies, and I could see Earth, slowly drifting by. I blinked and suddenly I was in a large, beautiful city. I could see families playing games together, gorgeous parks, and many paintings and beautiful works of art! Then the images changed to a red haze that encompassed the earth, sirens blasting and people panicking. Meteors fell to the planet’s surface, demolishing the once grand city into a large pile of rubble. Families were torn apart and most did not make it out alive. I covered my eyes and shook my head, no longer capable of bearing such agony. 


Finally the sirens died off and I peeked through my fingers to see a room. Not the one I was in before... But what looked to be a bedroom? I looked around when I saw a little girl sitting on a bed, smiling from ear to ear as her mother showed her something. Intrigued I took a few steps closer to see what the girl was smiling about. My eyes widened and I took a step back when I realized that the little girl was me. That was the day my mother entrusted me with the Star Key. I was frozen with confusion and fear when saw my mother holding the Star Key. She then began to play the very same lullaby I had just a little while ago, and all my worries had disappeared. I was able to relax and it made me feel as though I was on cloud nine. The beautiful tone and harmony it creates really is a work of art. It makes you feel like all of your concerns are just washed away. I watched my mother with a huge smile on my face, being able to hear her play once more was the best gift I could ever receive. Not soon after, she finished the melody and began to speak. 


            "This is the Star Key. It is very important to me and must be protected. This is the Key to your fate, and one day it will show you who you really are. Do you promise to keep it safe?" 


I nodded in unison with the girl.


My mother smiled and gently placed the chain around my neck.   "You’re special, never forget that." 


Remembering all of this brought tears to my eyes. I rubbed them away and when I opened my eyes once again, I was standing face to face with my former self. 


With the Star Key still wrapped around her neck, she held it out and spoke.  "This is your fate.  Protect who you are, for you can never be replaced. Always remember what you saw here today."


I nod, and just like that the illusion faded away and there I stood in the ancient room, the Star Key still in the stand and the door now open again. I lifted it out of the stand and the pedestal lowered into the floor. Walking out of the room the door closed behind me with a solid thud. 


Clutching the Star Key to my heart I looked up into the sky with an expression of determination and courage. 


Legend has it there is an instrument that is key to the future. With the capability of producing beautiful harmonies as well as entrancing sequences, it is a true treasure indeed. There are very few left in the world, and those which remain must be protected at all costs. That instrument is known as The Star Key.

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