The Songbird Ocarina Podcast #3

The Power of Sound:  an Interview with Don Wright, Peruvian Whistle Maker


Enjoy the Songbird Ocarina Podcast episode for February 2015 where we cover the latest news and updates, as well as an exclusive interview Durian Songbird and Don Wright, a world class ceramicist and creator of Peruvian Whistling Vessels.


Show Highlights

- Laugh and cry over the winter snowstorms on the East coast 

- Discuss the Magnificent Seven Ocarina Players Documentary and the Indiegogo campaign

- Talk about the great submissions from the Star Key Literature Contest
- Share the latest information on how to meet us at our next convention, PAX East

- Learn more about the Tutorial Videos that David will be creating 
- Listen to an exclusive interview between Durian Songbird and Don Wright, a maker of Peruvian Whistling Vessels (the instrument that inspired the making of the Star Key)
- Give out a 15% coupon code (valid for a month after episode release) for all of our listeners!

Show Links

PAX East (March 6-8) - Booth #1237: 

The Star Key on

Ocarina of Time: Kokiri Edition on Amazon:

Magnificent Seven Ocarina Players (Documentary/Contest):

Don Wright: // 

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