Dancing Wings for Little Kids (Small)

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When a child age 1.5-4 years old puts on dancing wings their imagination's soar. Little dancing wings are made for little kids - the ones who fully believe in the magic of fairies, dragons, nymphs and angels (although...we know some big kids (adults) fully believe in all those things too). 

Where oh Where to Wear Your Little Dancing Wings?

Wondering where your children can wear their wings? Here are our favorite ideas: 

Around the house: Encourage your child to wear their wings whenever they like. If you’re currently staying at home, they will add an extra dose of magic to your world. 

Outside: Fly through the grass, along sidewalks, through flower beds, playgrounds and woods. Little kids are naturally good at being on the move…dancing wings add imagination to their movement, making it more meaningful and exciting. 

Dancing Wings Playdates: Gather together a group of little kids and watch them frolic and play in their dancing wings. Beaches, parks and outdoor spaces are highly recommended for optimal flying conditions. 

During mealtimes: If your child wears the wings while they eat, their fellow winged friends (from the magical world) will eat alongside them. Even though these creatures will likely be invisible, they’ll still be there (and watching to see their little, dancing-winged friend is eating all their vegetables!) 

Before nap time: All fairies, butterflies and winged creatures take naps. These wings come with special, sleepy time magic. If it’s time for a nap, these wings will help your children drift into dream land (as we all know, the mind is very open to power of suggestion at these ages). 

Made with Magic

Each pair of wings is carefully sewn with lots of magic and attention to detail. Crafted from a fabric that blends translucence and iridescence, these wings shimmer in shades of pink, green, purple and blue in the sun.

Removable Wands

Each pair of wings comes with wing wands that help you spread your wings wider. They are removable. For a more natural winged experience, simply slide the sticks out. 

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