Fairy Ocarina

- Handcrafted 6 hole ocarina

- Inset Emerald crystal

- Comes with pouch

- Plays a chromatic octave and a third

- Songbook included with songs from Legend of Zelda

- Key of C

Celebrating the artwork and sounds of Zelda, the Fairy ocarina combines musical and aesthetic precision to bring you the exact same ocarina Link used at the start of his journey. Thanks to its use of the English 6 hole pendant system, this ocarina can easily be picked up and played like any other pendant ocarina. Superbly crafted to the highest visual and musical standards, expertly tuned and accompanied by a mini Zelda songbook with easy to follow tablature, this ocarina is all you need to embark on your musical journey. Even the wise sage Saria enjoyed and trusted this ocarina, so why wouldn't you?


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