Harmony Double Ocarina in C

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The harmony double is a one-of-a-kind ocarina. No, let’s say two-of-a-kind, because this instrument is actually two ocarinas combined.

Your left hand holds a lower chamber and the right hand holds a higher pitched upper chamber. Both chambers are pitched exactly an octave apart from one another and each plays the range of a 9th. Play each chamber separately -from low to high- and you have a chromatic two octave ocarina. Play both chambers simultaneously and watch the possibilities open up. You can play melodies an octave apart as if two people were playing together. If you like harmony, each chamber can accompany the other; play a high melody with a bass accompaniment or switch chambers to create a bass solo with a high accompaniment.

Those are just a few of the possibilities this instrument offers. Combinations are as limitless as your imagination. Plus, if you’re a fan of overtones this instrument will give you hours of pleasure.

Every double is finished in StrawFire, fitted with metal rings underneath to secure your hands. A necklace is also enclosed.

Clearly, one of the most fascinating instruments you’ll ever play.

A custom molded hard shell case is included.


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