Little Wing Minor Pentatonic

  • Handcrafted
  • Inspired by a design from Sina Geiß
  • Tuned in minor pentatonic scale
  • Includes pouch
  • 5-Hole Linear Fingering

 Let your music making take flight with our Little Wing.

This ceramic ocarina is easy to learn to play for beginners, but is also sophisticated and proper sounding for a seasoned professional. 

The Minor Pentatonic scale uses just five notes, leaving out a couple notes from the major scale. It is the same scale used on the Native American flute as well as the Shakuhachi flute. Its first interval is a minor third.

Every note is harmonious with every other note, and some would describe it as having no "wrong" notes."

You uncover the holes linearly (in a row), one after the other from right to left. Tablature is not required for this scale, and it can be easily improvised. Because less thought is required while playing, more focus can be brought to the primary function of breath, feeling, connection, and spontaneity. It is still possible to achieve other notes outside the five-note scale by crossfingering.

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