Concerto Alto C

- 12-Hole ocarina produces range of A4 - F6

- Songbook/Method included

- Comes with a padded nylon case


The Concerto Ocarina is a step up from its cousins the Allegro and Sonoro in terms of professional quality and capability.

Compared to the Allegro and the Sonoro, the Concerto has a slightly more voluminous chamber, allowing for a greater range of dynamic expression.  It is easier to blow more strongly on the higher end without overpowering the ocarina and producing the dreaded airy high notes, and it is also easier to produce a gentler sound with softer blowing technique, making it overall a more professional well-rounded instrument.


 The key of C is known to convey the characteristics of purity and innocence.


* What is Straw Fire?

Straw fire is when an already kiln-fired ocarina is put inside a fire-proof container and fired again with combustible straw. The smoke from the fire makes organic designs and rich woodsy color on the surface of the ocarina. The ocarina is then polished with an organic lacquer which comes from certain trees. Camphor oil is used to thin the lacquer. There are a very small number of individuals who have reported allergic reactions to the Straw Fired ocarinas. If you think you may be allergic to lacquer, or camphor oil, please choose a different ocarina.


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