Synesthesia: The Ocarina of Light (SoL)

The Color of Music

What if you could see music?  

This question sent us** on a quest to develop an ocarina that engages the eyes as well as the ears. Three years and thousands of man hours later, we are finally ready to share the results of our quest.

Introducing the SoL ocarina, a synesthetic experience of music making that truly feels magical.

Now what is synesthesia? Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to experiences in a second sensory pathway.

Sound -> Light

The light show of the SoL ocarina is not just lovely to look at, it is specific to the note being played. Very specific!  In fact, as you slightly adjust your breath pressure and thus raise/lower the pitch, the color will shift with you. Soon, you will begin composing music according to the hue of the tone, with a whole new dimension of expression opening up before you.  

The development of this piece has been labor of love, a passion project that has become an artistic obsession. Now when I take SoL prototype #1 with me on my daily musical adventures, people are literally enchanted with wonder when they see/hear this ocarina.    

The key of this ocarina is Tenor G, which is also the note known as Sol in the Do-Re-Mi system starting from C. So it is a deeper tone than the more common Alto C ocarina. You will find this key is frequently perfectly in tune with sounds both in nature, and on the radio!

The design factor is inspired by river rocks, and organic repeating patterns of spirals. The form factor is also such that you could slip this ocarina in your front pocket, it is very comfortable and sleek.


**Us in this case is a collaboration of Songbird Ocarina and Digital Pheromones, working together to deliver a truly magical music experience at the intersection of science and art.