Double Ocarina of Time Alto C

- 18-hole double ocarina

- 2 Octave Chromatic Range

- Zelda Blue glaze

- The Ring of Platinum

The Final Challenge


Once a Zelda player has mastered the scales of pitch, the rhythm of time and the performance of pleasure, it is time to move up to a more advanced level.


The greatest, most challenging instrument known....The Double Ocarina of Time. This limited edition ocarina has not 12, but 18 holes, thus enabling the player to advance up not one, but two octaves chromatically in the key of C. Glazed in Zelda Blue and embellished with a platinum triforce ring, it’s packed securely in a custom black velvet case.

If you want to bring your Zelda playing to the next level, need we say more?


Songbook includes:

Zelda's Theme, Kakariko Village, Town and House, Flute Boy Song, LoZ Game Over, Song of Time, Ballad of the Windfish, Mabe Village, Prelude of Light, Bolero of Fire, Serenade of Water, Song of Storms, Kokiri Forest, Zelda's Lullaby, Requiem of Spirit, Dragon Roost Island, Aryll's Theme, Flute Song (aka Ocarina of Wind), Grandma's Theme, Shop Theme, Get New Item, Lost Woods, Shooting Gallery, Ballad of the Goddess, Lon Lon Ranch, MIdna's Desperate Hour, Song of Healing, Bremen March. 


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