Have you ever wanted to sing like a bird?  What if the birds sang back, amused and curious?   We would like to offer you a vessel into the world of birdsong:  Tweeter.   Tweeter is a delightful little ocarina attuned to the voice of the birds.   Your new feathery friends will follow and respond to your call, and you will notice with fresh ears a symphony of nature, even in the heart of the city.   Learn their calls and discover trilling melodies and rhythmic virtuosity.  Your chirps will make everything chipper!
    How does it work?

    The Tweeter uses only two finger holes. Sliding them open in different combinations produces tones that mimic the melodic intervals of birds. A variety of pitches can be obtained by sliding or partially covering the holes.  The trick is with your breath and tongue, articulating short staccato bursts that mimic the rhythmic structure of birdsong.  How to learn?  Open your windows, or go outside and give it a go!  The birds are patient teachers.

We encourage you to let go of music theory.  Instead, open your ears, open your heart, listen to the voices of the birds, listen to the voice of nature, and let your breath and fingers find their way!  

Reply to the trilled staccato of the "Avian Choir" all around you.

Follow the flowing conversation of the birds on a wire.

Let your spirit play in nature’s orchestra. 

Let your friends know who's feeling the spring time!

Discover the language of the birds.  

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